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TD Holdings, Inc. (Ticker: GLG), is an integrated supply chain management service provider and plans to become the industry leading company of Internet of Things, industrial B2B digital e-commerce platform. The team of TD Holdings firmly believes that traditional industries can be improved in their business efficiency to create fair competition of enterprises through advanced Internet, Internet of things technology and business model innovation, so as to gain greater advantages in global market competition. TD Holdings empowers enterprises to change their business management in purchase, production, sales, logistics, settlement, etc., and it provides Internet of things infrastructure and marketing platform, and interacts with customers with the power of Internet technology, as well as speeds up the circulation of goods to obtain higher profits. TD Holdings' business includes commodity trading and supply chain management, and it will explore into field of e-commerce, digital cloud storage, blockchain settlement and innovation business. The company goal is to gather industrial resources, enhance enterprise value and create an ecological system of commodity circulation by digital management, operation and intelligent storage layout of global commodities.

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